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 Misc Non-Spoilery Adversary Bios

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Misc Non-Spoilery Adversary Bios Empty
PostSubject: Misc Non-Spoilery Adversary Bios   Misc Non-Spoilery Adversary Bios I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 26, 2012 8:42 pm

Here I shall be posting various non-spoilery opponents you can have a match against. Basically, they are available for you to have a "test match" against on the server.

Mystral Endelion

D-Rank: (Actually, I'm pretty sure all her ranks will just use this..)

Appearance: Kitty, shall fill out the details if necessary.

Ice Manipulation (Innate): Mystral Endelion can manipulate ice and create ice. She can manipulate it within 10 yards of her, but she can only actually create it (with this ability) within a yard of herself. This is not "super won't melt ice" so it'll melt from the environment, granted, slowly (unless it's really hot).
GE: 110%

Energy Glyph (Passive Ability): Mystral Endelion starts with an Energy Glyph surrounding her, and can create another one every 3 posts. Using an Energy Glyph will double (Using two will triple, three will quadruple) the power of one of Mystral's abilities for one use. Normally, she can have a maximum of one Energy Glyph at a time, but during combat, the mixing of data signals will allow her to have up to three.

Ball Lightning (Ability): Mystral Endelion can summon forth a ball of lightning in one of her paws that will last for a few seconds (max one post) before discharging automatically. She can throw it as if it were physical.
GE: 120%

Magnetic Paws/Aurora Borealis (Ability): Mystral Endelion can create from her forepaws polar magnetic fields that work against anything magnets work against normally, but also causes harm to data based creatures, and disrupts data based or guided attacks. The kinetic push back on her from using this ability is reduced. She must create it from both paws at the same time. If she presses both paws against each other with a ball lightning between them, she can use the principles of Magnetic Reconnection to pretty much make herself a one post duration (this is increased by one post for each Energy Glyph used on the Ball Lightning) double bladed lightsaber (without the cutting through everything of a lightsaber).
GE: 150%


Appearance: Highly mutable, but she prefers a female human form.

All Ranks:

Nanobot Fabrication (Innate): Exemplar can fabricate pretty much any physically possible object she knows how to create, given resources. This includes manipulating or regenerating her own body.

Nanobot Body (Passive Ability): Exemplar's body is particularly advanced nanobots, meaning any object she creates in contact with her body or using her body as the material is fabricated especially quickly.

Power (Ability): Exemplar's creations frequently require power, and fabricating generators for them often is inconvenient. With this ability she can provide the necessary electricity.

Reactionless Thrust (Ability): Exemplar's ability to move herself without needing any reaction mass of any sort.
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Misc Non-Spoilery Adversary Bios
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