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 Theoretical Changes to A rank..

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Theoretical Changes to A rank.. Empty
PostSubject: Theoretical Changes to A rank..   Theoretical Changes to A rank.. I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 1:14 pm

I'm considering doubling the point requirements for A-Rank, for non-Tamer DaCre.

I want to give Tamer-DaCre pairs a real mechanical reason that they're stronger than ordinary DaCre. I also want to give DaCre a reason to fuse again, now that S-Rank is gone. For non-Tamer DaCre, the easiest way to reach A-Rank, by far, will be to fuse with another B-Rank.

I'm also considering making A-Rank the new S-Rank, in the real world(not the test version). In the previous DaCre, A ranks were generally way stronger than a mere 12 times their D-Rank, and I'm thinking about just giving that official sanction. Especially now that infinite A is gone.
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Theoretical Changes to A rank..
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