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 Steam and Rain

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The 42nd Gecko

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PostSubject: Steam and Rain   Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:06 am

((For my new groups demo, here is a kickstarter. Anything I have not defined is fair game. We could be in an eerily dangerous and empty victorian/steampunk town, or we could be involved in modern day crime. Your narration creates the setting as well as the characters and actions. Just don't impose upon other player's characters without their say so. Ambiguous open leads are your friends..))

((By the by, the ((*text*)) things mean "this is information that is not part of the narrative", author notes, as they may be.))

The downpour of rain is often a thing that downs many spirits. It's well known that a rainy clime can influence the rate of suicide. However, for some people, the rain seems to be a blessing, for even a dampening of the spirits can be beneficial if those spirits were dry to the point of cracking.

And so it was, that Sir Percival came to be out and about on this watery evening. His amply fancy and widely brimmed headgear kept the rain from hitting him directly, while his overly large and ill fitting stompy boots trudged relentlessly through the puddles. His warm woolen black overcoat swayed with every prancing and joyous step, the open chest showing his vest and the gold chain of his pocket watch.

~A fine day.~ Sir Percival smiled warmly to a old woman who was scuttling away under the cover of eaves, looking at his strutting form plunging through the center of the street with surprise and almost alarm at what sort of strange man would do such a thing.

"Good day madam, lovely weather!" His smile broadened all the more and his steps picked up with their cheer as she fled away, shaking her head.

"Yes, the perfect sort of weather for the business.." His voice trailed off as his glinting eyes now set upon the slick brick path before him, a sort of strange maniacal resolution.
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Lost Visage

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PostSubject: Re: Steam and Rain   Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:56 am

((So we are afforded as many liberties with our characters as we want at this point?))

She never realized her first moment of life. She had never even realized that existence had begun. It simply happened. The very first thought that she ever had was no different than the one she was having now, whether it had been eons or mere moments in the past was irrelevant. But she was alive.

Her name is Epsilon. She does not know why. But it is.

Her purpose is...

Epsilon stepped forward onto the wet landscape, how had she come here? Where did she come from? Even now, the visages of her past were quickly fading into her subconsciousness like a dream. Worse yet, like half of a dream, thoughts of things that only make sense when the subconscious mind is using it's own imagination. One second here, the next gone, never to be found again.

Epsilon blinked away the water from her eyes. Water, where did the water come from? She looked up to the sky to see the droplets descending on the landscape. Rain, instinctively she knew it to be rain. But should could not remember a few moments past? Or could she remember it all? She is Epsilon, she exists. She reached instinctively into a pocket of her clothing and produced from it a strange ocular device that she donned on her eyes, turning everything around her into a light shade of red.

"I am..." I whisper softly to myself, the soft, somewhat timid voice that I have is foreign to me, as if a stranger's, and yet perfectly familiar and natural, as if I expected to hear it. But I've never heard myself before. Or have I? Then the realization hit me: ~Gah, I'm soaked! Of course I'm wet, it's raining! How natural is that? But... Gah, I'm wet!~

Looking around, I find myself a few feet off of the path right before me. I'm wearing clothing, a roughly made white cloth robe that starts at my shoulders and flows down to the ankles, with sandals for footwear, and a fine-spun, almost transparent, golden cloak around my neck with brown trim. It seems out of place considering the rest of my garb. I am young, no older than 14, or so, and yet I am not...

Suddenly, her inner musings were interrupted by the shuffling of feet far down the path.

'Good day, Madam, Lovely Weather!'

That Voice. It was familiar. It was... was...

Her train of thought was interrupted once again as the man continued down the road, coming into seeing distance.

~Here was the man, the one I know! But who is he? I do not know...~

Stepping onto the path, she stared at the man as he continued his jovial sojourn down the damp path. She then ran up to him, as fast as she could. Stopping about 10 feet away from him. His smile never left his face. He was a good foot taller than her in height, and he had a purpose. A purpose.

"Sir Percival!" She stood there, stammering for a moment, not knowing how she knew his name. Then she resumed her sentence "Sir Percival, you need my help, I am Epsilon!"

I stood there, not sure what to do next. Without realizing it, I produced a spherical, metallic object from within my cloak. The ball was slightly larger than then my hand and, instinctively, I knew it to be extremely heavy for it's size. Yet it did not feel heavy. It looked like it had many etches engraved within it in a design reminiscent of a Celtic tapestry.

"Sir Percival, my name is Epsilon. And this-" I indicated the sphere "This is... Stele. And I would be glad to join you, I need..." I let my voice trail off.
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The 42nd Gecko

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PostSubject: Re: Steam and Rain   Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:05 pm

"Madam! First and foremost, you are wet!" Sir Percival cried out in dismay, raising up his left hand dramatically, just before Epsilon managed to say her name. Then he began to take his coat off "And by honor as a gentleman, I could not leave a woman in such dress out in the rain." He held forth his coat, which while wet quite a bit on the outside, was warm and dry on the inside. Which also shielded himself from viewing the sphere she was presenting. "You must take my coat, I insist!"

"You must get to shelter, before you catch a malady of the flesh! I would take you myself, but alas, I have someone I must meet today, a matter of divine import. My house keys are in the pocket, and I live in a house of gold colored stone six streets down the road on the right. Help yourself to anything you need, and I shall be back within the hour to check in." Sir Pericval was animated and vigorous, attempting to point Epsilon in the right direction and give her the necessary confidence in his words.

His concern for her safety, or perhaps his underestimation of her seemed to prevent him from immediately realizing that she might, in fact, be the one he was supposed to meet.
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Lost Visage

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PostSubject: Re: Steam and Rain   Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:27 pm

"But, but I..." Epsilon's voice trailed off, not sure what to say next. It was imperative, vital, in fact, that she help Sir Percival. But, he wanted her to go...

"ACHOO" She sneezed loudly, this only made Sir Percival's persistent insistence that she go indoors be more emphatic than before.

Rather dejected and confused, but simultaneously comforted by the gentleman's concern for her well being, Epsilon started trudging towards the direction that Sir Percival indicated. Looking over he shoulder, she saw the man continue down the road. ~But I need help him! And... he says that I should go to his home, to shelter, maybe that is helping him... shelter sounds good... No, wait!~ "Sir Percival! I... I... I don't..." Words wouldn't come. She did not know what to say. Having little recourse, she continued down the road. The rain intensified, and to her dazed mind, swirled small eddies of confusion around her.

Upon reaching the house, Epsilon paused outside, staring at it for a moment. It was foreign to her, and yet she knew the owner, somehow...

The home was rather extravagant, fitting for the owner. ~A gentleman's home...~ I thought to myself, and smiled on the inside. Something about the home made me feel safe, even though I had no clue about anything else besides the owner.

I pulled out the keys from my pocket, brushing against the sphere that was still hidden inside of my inner robe. I could feel something emanating from it, a pulsing sensation that was growing stronger as my hand got nearer. I quickly pulled my hand away, bringing the keys with it, ~I don't understand... I have to get inside, to be safe.~ I quickly unlocked the door and entered the home. The first room that I entered was an expansive foyer, larger than most entryways. I shuffled my wet feet inside the room, dragging my body forcefully with every step. An exhaustion began to overtake me, one that I had not felt before I entered the house. I got about 15 paces inside when I could go no further, and collapsed on the floor. Stele fell from my pocket, creating a sizable indent on the floor. With the last of my strength I tried to retrieve it, but it rested a few inches outside of my reach. I strained with all of my remaining vitae before I expended it all. My arm went lax, falling where it was. A scroll tumbled out of my robe, which unbeknownst to me was hidden within the folds of my sleeve, and fell next to Stele. I could only watch, the world growing hazy around me, as the scroll slowly rolled down the incline and collided with Stele. The red tint in the world grew more and more dark, as I my eyes started to close, I could hear a sound of a singular drum beat, but it was miles away...

I had given every ounce of energy that I had, and now I was spent. ~But... why am I so... tire...~ My thoughts made no more headway before I was forced into a deep sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Steam and Rain   

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Steam and Rain
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