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PostSubject: Something Old   Something Old I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 11:30 am

So, this is DaCre:Test, a sort of sidestory prequel to a sequel. It’s forebears are DaCre and DaCre:Zodiac (Zodiac is like season 2, a continuation of the same story.) Its sequel is/are DaCre:Knights/DaCre:Instincts/DaCre:WhateverInameit(which are the same thing, but Knights kinda died, then we redid it as Instincts, saving some of the material and redoing others, and then that died, then I assume we’ll be doing it one more time…)

In the first DaCre, there was a world where a simulated fighting game, with highly sophisticated AI creatures, created by the players, fighting. Or so we thought. Somehow, these DaCre were real in another dimension, and some of the DaCre “created” by players were exact copies of DaCre that actually existed in the other world. Some of these DaCre started to poor into the real world in the city of Kairik, some hostile, some not, and some of them bonded with their “Tamers”. For awhile, these DaCre stayed below the radar fighting a shadow war, only a black op government organization named PIT aware of their existence. Then, the true power of DaCre were released, when the god-like DaCre Baniha was enraged by the wizard Yitur, causing thousands of deaths and mass destruction in the city. The city was no longer safe, as the army was called in to deal with the unknown monsters. The Tamers and their DaCre fled to the DaCre dimension and found why the DaCre had come to their world. Immensely powerful destructive DaCre, called Lords, of whom Yitur was one, had rallied under the banner of Tridara, a DaCre strong beyond all others known, and were destroying the world. The Tamers rallied, and though not without casualties, sacrifices, and betrayals, defeated the Lords and Tridara in a cross-dimensional war, that nearly destroyed the DaCre dimension and tore a nuclear canyon through Kairik. However, the public doesn’t know for sure that it was DaCre who did this (if you see a giant floating serpent spewing laser beams, are you going to stop, point, and say “Oh hey, that looks just like my old DaCre!” and be taken seriously?), with theories from holograms to disguise mechanical weapons, bio-engineered monsters, to it being DaCre crossing worlds flying fast and thick. Still, it’s been 8 years and the hubbub has died down. In the DaCre dimension, due to a time difference, it is almost 500 years later and the war and even the existence of humanity has been largely forgotten.

As for what happens in the sequel, well, we’re not absolutely sure yet..

It's not vital to know everything that happened in DaCre and DaCre:Zodiac to participate, though it will increase your enjoyment. Even I haven't read all of Zodiac, and I was in it.
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Something Old
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