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 The Basic Laydown

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The Basic Laydown Empty
PostSubject: The Basic Laydown   The Basic Laydown I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 11:32 am


1) You don’t have to read up on the background of DaCre, other than what is in the following posts, but it may increase your enjoyment.

2) Bios should be high quality. Corollary: I'm often a sucker for length.

3) Rule three is gone. Old hands would remember it as the verification one. Too many verifiable things are overpowered compared to things that are cool and awesome. We don't need to use verification as a tool to upset the balance of the thread.

4) Your character, both human and DaCre can die of lethal injury. You have been warned. However, if you don't want your character to die, asking for Deus ex Machina BEFORE you get killed may often result in receiving it.

5) You're heavily advised to read page three*; the rules of combat and other important elements of the DaCre will be explained there.

6) Realm techniques. They're a prickly issue. I'll be watching them carefully.

7) If I'm not directly involved in a battle situation, if there is a discrepancy, what I rule is final. If a mod is called after that, they will be referred to this rule, so, unless you are completely sure that I am butt-wrong (which is possible), don't argue past the point of decision.

Out of character, and your initial bio, should be on the OOC thread*.

*Not that I'm sure where these will be.
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The Basic Laydown
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