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 The Geography

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The story begins in the city of Kairik, which has undergone much renovation after the events of Tridara's attacks on the city ten years ago. Its structure, however, remains the same as it was before the attacks*: suburbs, office buildings, apartment, and a college within the city with appropriate housing and dormitories near the area. Simply put, its a city with all of the city elements.

The only major difference isn't in structure, but in feel: the city seems much more streamlined and silent, fear itself having struck in this area, at least for some wary of random DaCre attacks. Fortunately, due to the actions of team P.I.T., these events are virtually zero.

*With one important exception, parts of the ravine formed in the battle are still visible and it runs across town. Bridges run across it and repairs are still underway to refill it.
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The Geography
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