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 The Specifics Behind Humans

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PostSubject: The Specifics Behind Humans   The Specifics Behind Humans I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 11:49 am


Ah, humans. Such fragile meat-puppets we are. Unlike other fantasy threads, humans here don't have a myriad of special powers that makes them deadly forces. Although I assume you know what humans are and their basic limitations, I will briefly go over what can/ can't be allowed in a human bio, and just how fragile a human is.

First of all, for the bio:
-Your human cannot have supernatural powers. Except for an exception spoken of below.
-Considering the age-range for a typical DaCre player, it is unlikely for a human to start with a gun. To make it simple, you may not have a gun (or like weapon) in your bio.
-Anything more than a pocket knife will be considered red*culous. Noone carries a bow or sword around everywhere in a typical city without drawing an eye.

And now, for the other important part:
-Humans are, by nature, rather mortal creatures, especially when compared to the DaCre. If you experience a fatal wound, you will die unless treated, usually in a hospital.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but, if any of these are pierced, your character is considered dead or dying.

-The heart
-Any part of the aeortic channel, from the heart to the neck
-The neck
-The cerebellum of the brain
-The liver
-The stomach
-Either lung
-Either kidney

There is a way to acquire supernatural powers. However, except for the veterans of the thread who already know what I'm talking about and how to incorporate it, I'm not going to let anyone start with them. If you want them, your character may acquire them in play.

In play and based on GM discretion, Humans can also gain points. Tamers can add their point count to their DaCre's if they are assisting in the rank up, or, if they learn how, can learn moves and execute attacks on their own. They can, optionally, assign only part of their points to help their DaCre and keep the rest in reserve for attacks.

Note that you only get one attack of each rank you may use, except as noted, or if you are a Tamer or in direct contact with another DaCre or that DaCre's weapon. In that case, you may borrow their moves and power them with your abilities. You may not borrow innate.

-1: Use a half powered D rank attack once.
-5: Use a full D Rank attack once.
-10: Use a full D rank Attack up to three times.
-20: Use a C rank Attack once, and can use a D-Rank Attack five times.
-30: Use a C Rank Attack once, and can sacrifice five D-Rank Attacks for another C Rank Attack. Can use a D-Rank attack ten times. Learns a second D-Rank attack.
-40: Use a C Rank Attack twice, and can sacrifice five D-Rank Attacks for another C Rank Attack. Can use a D-Rank attack ten times. Learns a second C-Rank attack.
-50: By sacrificing 3 C Rank Attacks, can use a B-Ranked attack once. Can use a C Rank Attack thrice, and sacrifice five D-Rank Attacks for another C Rank attack. Can use a D-Rank attack fifteen times.
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The Specifics Behind Humans
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